Take a Free Typing Test


    We all have days when we can't seem to write fast enough. Even writers with years of experience still need to take timed typing tests to see how they're doing.


    Timed typing tests are a simple way to find out how fast you are typing. The faster you type, the faster you will write. And when you do get faster, you'll have more time to write and less time to waste.


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  • The average person can type about 65 words per minute, or one letter every 2 seconds.


    If you type fast enough, you could finish a page in less than 30 minutes. However, some people are much faster than others. To test your typing speed, try our timed typing speed tests. You can also try cps tester which is quite similar this tool.

  • How do I increase my typing speed?

    If you type fast and use touch-typing, you can type at a rate of 100 words per minute or more. That's three times faster than average.


    This allows you to be more productive at work. You can save time by eliminating the need to retype text. Typing games are fun and easy to play.


    You get a set amount of time to type out a certain number of words. Your word count will increase as you practice.


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  • How fast should I type?

    The key to learning how to type fast is practice. The more you practice, the faster you will become.


    Try using a word processor. If you're working with a computer, make sure you have a lot of room to type, so that you don't have to move your hands around as much.


    Type some text, copy it, paste it back into your document, and then delete it. This process will help you improve your typing speed or click speed tester.

    How is typing speed measured?

    Most people think typing speed is limited by the speed at which their hands can move across the keyboard.


    In fact, it is determined by the speed at which you can concentrate.


    People are more likely to type faster if they use a faster keyboard.


    For example, a mechanical keyboard with keys that are evenly spaced can be much faster than a standard keyboard.


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    Why is it important to take a typing speed test?

    Typing tests are useful for establishing a baseline of your typing speed and accuracy.


    It gives you an idea of how much practice you need before being able to type at a higher speed and improve your accuracy.


    It’s a simple way to measure yourself against others and keep track of your progress.